Growing your own Organic Foods: Is it possible?

For certain people, the idea of growing own organic food may not be something which they think is possible or considered the best idea for home living, well simply put; it’s because of few reasons and obstacles. First of all, wouldn’t it be cheaper if you just head over to the store and pay for it? After all, the prices of organic food are not something beyond average consumers’ reach and obviously most people can afford it. Another reason that acts as a fine argument would be if you live in a small apartment in down town city, it would be extremely difficult, or to say almost impossible to allocate that extra space to cramp in even for a small little pot of plant and what difference would that make if you are a heavy consumer who eats a lot daily. Logical sense would dictate and tell you that the plants grown in that small corner and nook would not be enough to cover even for a single meal. Well despite what has been mentioned here, you can still put all that behind and defy the odds.

Let me tell you a life story or rather a true account witnessed by myself. The person that I’m going to mention here is a friend of mine and her name is Jen. Jen is a working executive and like all city dwellers living a busy life going to work from 9 to 5 and doing her best to climb up the corporate ladder, she barely has enough time sometimes to do things that she wants. Moreover, she is also a mother of a child and juggling her time attending both towards her career and family must sure be a hectic life. Like myself, she is also an organic food believer and true follower but what makes a clear difference between both of us is that she doesn’t see the idea of growing her own organic food as something totally impossible or out of reach. Despite what has been mentioned earlier, obviously that doesn’t stop her at all from moving towards that direction. Visiting her home and looking around, I can guarantee you that anyone will be impressed on how she still manages to grow all that by her own.

I consider myself lucky to have the chance to talk to her on a quiet Sunday evening. During that casual friend to friend conversation, there are a few pointers that she is so willingly share with me about how she manages to grow her own organic food. Well one thing she admits is that with her tight schedule and space, she barely has the chance to explore and make it into a large scale venture but for now what she has is something enough for her needs but for the size of the small area which she allocates for her organic vegetable grown on a raised bed that makes up less than 2 by 2 meter makeup area, all that is still enough to cover at least 30% of her organic grocery needs! And wow, I’m impressed. What she has growing on that small plot is basically a variety of organic vegetables like lady’s finger, brinjal, some chill and also spinach. She got all her seeds from a downtown local supplier who is a also member of the organic club, her tools from a the gardening store and her loyal assistant is her husband who finds time to help out with the task of taking care of the plants and she spends only like 2 hours maximum in a day attending to everything. Not bad for a person who has to cope up with all that busy lifestyle.

mini organic vegetable gardenOne thing that she shares with me is that she lets all the plants grow on its own. She doesn’t worry about anything else and as long as the conditions are right with ample supply of water and care are given; the plants basically took care of everything. She has occasional problems related to disease and pests but all that doesn’t stop her from continuing to do what she likes and just like any organic grower she doesn’t use artificial fertilizer or herbicide at all. Just pure natural ways and these are something that we all organic lovers stick to this core value and principle. As she learns day by day and picking up all the experience along the way, today her small little venture starts to bear success and although her brand of vegetable may not be that big in size or juicy for that matter or free from holes on the leaves, well at least she knows that all those are definitely true organic. On above, you will find accompanying pictures which she graciously allows to me get a few snapshots to share it here. Thanks Jen.

PS: With all of her advice, I’m now working on my own mini organic vegetable plot hoping that I could one day achieve the same feat. At least for now, I realize it’s not at all impossible.

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