Does Eating Organic Food Lower the Risk of Cancer?

tainted foodstuff and risk of cancerAlthough there is no substantiated and proven evidence to suggest that consuming organic foods will lower the risk of getting cancer, but however, common sense seems to prevail in this matter. Most of the modern days’ sickness and major illness are as a result of the foods that we eat. Preservatives, colorant materials, taste enhancers in different chemical forms have been blamed to be part of the culprits that accelerated the risk of developing unusual disease and that includes cancer as one of the major health issues. These chemicals are added as a result of increasing competition among food manufacturers to out compete each other with the main aim to increase sales of products by making the foods more palatable and overall tastier but however, the effects of doing all these have led to the issue that compromise on consumer’s health.

Diet based on organic foods stick to its very own core principle of avoiding the use of all these enhancers and preservatives as part of the food processing methods and thus you will avoid the risk of ingesting all these unwanted materials into your body. Although foods can taste a little bit different or sometimes, certain people would call it bland without the enhancers, but in actual fact, you are actually doing yourself a big favor to help your body’s immune system and biological functions without the needs to purge and cleanse off these impurities from the body. Although scientific studies seem to suggest that addition in little trace amount will not bring detrimental effects but however, just imagine if these chemicals were ingested in huge amount and the accumulated quantities will start to build up and increase over the course of time. As we are getting older, our body will also become more and more vulnerable and it will be less efficient to withstand or get rid of these materials from our body and thus inadvertently will also increase the risk of developing cancer.

Well, there are always argument surfacing around debating on whether organic foods does play a major role to avoid spread of cancer disease or either way, you can chose to believe that it would not make much difference but with all that, try to think and ponder the facts for a while. Just how do we explain and find all the answers to relate to this unnatural phenomenon that suddenly becomes a major health issue and relates to the high incidence of developing cancer cases which are increasing in numbers every year. The most problematic and prevalent cancer diseases affecting people of all ages and seem to be very common are like breast cancer, liver and pancreatic cancer, growth of tumor and all these seem to have high correlation based on the foods that we eat because these are the organs that relate to the processing of foodstuff that we ingest into our body. Fats soluble chemicals for instance will bind together with the fatty tissue and ended up deposited in the body and if these are left unchecked, sooner or later, detrimental effects will start to set in. Although there are other factors such as hormonal changes, exposure to pollution but all in all combination of these factors together with the foods that we eat seems to elevate the risk.

Most of today’s teenagers, working executives, parents, and senior citizens are becoming more and more health conscious as they are aware of the development taking place around them and with all these issues surrounding the controversy that relates consumption of non-organic chemically tainted processed foods to increased risk of cancer, people’s mindset have started to change. As such awareness has played a major role to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle and switched the diet to one that is based solely on organic foods. Hopefully the article here is helping towards championing the cause and moving inline towards the same direction. I would be happy to hear your thoughts and views or you can contact me if you have anything to contribute that enhances the facts and knowledge for the benefit of all.

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