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health organic foods logoHealth Organic Foods dot com is a general blog created to discuss topics related to organic foods, its implication and role in our life, the farming methods involved, why and what to look for when buying, the benefits and just about anything connected to it. All the information shared here are my personal views and knowledge gathered over the years about this subject and it does not necessarily reflect the general opinion shared by all nor is it aligned to certain groups and organizations.

None or any part of this blog is meant for promotion to endorse a particular product and brand name while the intention is purely about info sharing. However, as a citizen of the free world I reserve the right to criticize, condemn and voice out on whichever things I believe is not morally right and I particularly detest those people who are trying to take advantages and misuse the organic foods label for personal self gain or trying to mislead others with confusing statement which again is for their benefit.

The idea and purpose of having this blog is also to create a sense of awareness and to sow the seeds of interest especially among those who are still new and skeptical about organic foods and its benefit. Therefore, I hope that the blog here can serve my purpose and objective to increase more and more followers on the “Go Organic” movements. I hope this place can one day become a platform for all the organic foods lovers to share their thoughts about this subject.

PS: I always encourage others to voice out what is in their mind and I love to hear comments related to what everyone has to say. Most welcome are suggestions about I can do to further improve the blog. If you have articles that you want to contribute related to the health organic foods topics, you can always do so by contacting me at contacthealthorganicfoods@gmail.com

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