The Benefits of Organic Foods and Why it is Important in our life

Food forms the basic necessity of our everyday lives and hence eating the best quality foods should be your top priority to ensure a healthy living. As what the old saying goes, health is your wealth and thus eating should not be about putting everything which you think is tasty but what is more important is about eating only the right foods. Thus, as our society becomes more and more health conscious and keen on finding out the best way to live our life, that is where the term organic foods start to kick in.

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There are many doubts and argument that relates to the health benefits of consuming organically grown foods and restricting your diet only on farm produce. As a matter a fact, all these have been hotly debated subjects of discussion. Countless research studies have been carried out to establish the importance of consuming only organic foods and while there are researches which provide long list of facts to back the findings on the importance of organic produce, there are also some which states that there is no difference whatsoever. Put aside that issue, what I always believe is that regardless of the hypothesis and conclusion given, one thing for sure is that whatever you are putting into your mouth, it must not contain chemical residues that could potentially bring harm to your health, regardless of what the scientist and researchers have told and convinced you that those are fine without any side-effect.

The term “Organic Foods” does not only confine to fruits and vegetables grown without use pesticides. In fact, the term organic can represents a vast area of meanings and relate to a lot of interpretations. First of all, does anyone know that the freshwater food fish, cattle and chickens that we consume everyday can also be termed as being organic? Let me try to put it in a simple lay man’s term and explain this in details. Take for example the farm chicken. I’m sure most of us have known that the chickens served on our dinner tables have been fed foods which are mixed with growth enhancers and these birds are periodically injected with antibiotics. Apart of that, the living condition in which they are reared and grown raises a lot of question marks in particular the cleanliness. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the meat that we eat are usually contaminated with leftover residues of the antibiotics and as such we often find ourselves getting immune to the doctors’ prescribed antibiotics. The worst case that has been a major issue in the past decade is the disastrous spread of bird flu as a result of ignorance and lack of control.

The organic concept is meant to change all that which means that the chicken must be reared in an appropriate environment which doesn’t lead to propagation of disease. There is also no antibiotic given to the chickens while treating sick birds has to follow a certain guidelines on giving medication. Usage of growth enhancers are definitely out of the question here and overall, you can be assured that the chickens which are labeled organically farm-bred are those that conform to all the quality standards as stipulated by health organization and government agencies in order to qualify as being organic.

Taking into consideration the facts here, it does seem logical that if you intend to lead a normal healthy way of life then eating only organically grown foods is one of the ways to achieve this. Although scientific studies can suggest otherwise, what I always believe is that you have the right to choose and determine what goes into your body. Related subject: Does changing to organic diet lowers the risk of developing cancer?

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