3 Main Reasons on Why People Decide to Choose only Organic Foods

all everything organicOrganic foods although is hard-to-find, costly and yet doesn’t look as juicy or palatable with its off-color appearance compared to it non-organic counterpart, but somehow despite all these negative points, people still go along with the idea about going organic. If you are like myself who have doubts about all these and must be wondering why I’ve decide to stick to this path, I’ll will explain all these later. Well, after all, there must be reasons for it because until today most people who I’ve known and has chosen to live a life based on only organic foods diet, has decided to stick to it without turning back. Furthermore all these efforts have been championed and endorsed by health organizations around the world and certainly there must be reasons for it. This article aims to explain why.

Health reasons
Although a number of scholarly articles seem to quote and suggest that consuming organic foods does not seem to have any effect or bear any difference, but however I have to disagree as I notice that the evidence and methodology used are somehow inconclusive. One thing that I’ve always believe and clear in my mind is that since the fruits, vegetables or even meat grown organically does not involve use of non natural-occurring chemicals like pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics and even preservatives, all that are considered more than good enough. And since those are considered as compounds which are toxic in nature, coming into contact and digesting it into your body would mean putting your health at risk. Although scientific research has said that by the time the foods are harvested before it reach consumers, the pesticides would have biodegraded but somehow, how true to that extent remains a big question mark. One thing noted is that sometimes abuse or maybe lack of education among farmers could actually cause those chemicals to be used in excessive. This means that as long as the chemicals are present, the risk will always be there. The increased numbers and high cases of illness associated with the potential use of these compounds is a clear evidence to support the observation.

Environmental friendly
Food producers using the organic approach basically have to conform and meet certain regulations before they can claim that their products are organic. Strict guidelines require that their produce must be free from the use of pesticides and definitely this offers a big help to Mother Nature. Most people do not realize that as the chemicals are sprayed to the plants, it does not only kill unwanted pests but it will also harm other insects which do not get involved in other way or another in the food production. Sometimes through uncontrolled use, these pesticides will leach to the ground or get carried together with the water flowing to rivers and streams and this leads to the aquatic organisms getting harmed as well. Most of these organisms are part of a complex food chain and little that we realize that taking out one of it means exposing some of the species to the threat of extinction. Although this makes no difference whatsoever towards how we live our life, just take some time to think for a moment and ponder on this after effect. For sure, it would tell me that based on my self-consciousness, all these doesn’t seem right at all. Same goes for use of harmful chemicals like preservatives and the growth hormones.

Organic Foods actually taste better
Most people decide to shrug off the notion as labeled it as over-rated but the fact is that, it does taste better. Most of us would not make out the difference at the initial stage, but somehow after consuming the organic foods for some time and comparing it and putting our senses to test, you will find that the difference can be quite obvious and while fruits and vegetables will somehow taste the same, but however, most difference is especially true when it comes to organic meats. Meats from farm animals bred using the organic methods generally are leaner and does not contain as much fats compared to those that rely on growth enhancers. Most chemicals are also get carried over and deposited in the fat tissue and thus, this also raises a level of concern here. All in all, different people will always have different requirements but one thing is for sure, most will agree that organic foods actually taste better.

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